Scott and Julie Martin

Sunday, 19 October 2008

This one is for Brooke...

I have been told, repeatedly, that I need to update our blog. The truth is, we are horrible about taking pictures and I didn't feel we had anything worth blogging about... But, at Brooke's request, here is our update...

Last weekend Scott and I decided to take a trip South East and visit the historical town of York (Many of the buildings have been in existence since medieval times). We had a great time just enjoying the history, the shopping, the street performers and the local restaurants. York is really compact, no place is far from another and no place is hard to locate- assuming you know where you are going (we didn't). The streets were small and crowded and there were areas where the doors entering the shops were no taller than 5 ft. We had a great time and look forward to similar experiences in the near future.

This is one of the oldest Cathedrals in York. It is huge and all of the windows are beautiful Stained glass.

This is the interior looking from the back of the Church forward.
This is Scott's favorite street in York. He thought it looked like one of the Harry Potter Streets. It could not have been wider than 10 ft. across. And the following are just random pictures that we have taken recently.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Whitehaven Walk

This weekend Scott, Emmi and I went for another hike. We walked along the ocean cliffs from our town of St. Bees to Whitehaven (the closest town with a grocer and shopping). All in all it took us about 3 hours. The weather was impeccable and the views were breathtaking. We had a great time and for the first time since our arrival here we managed to wear Emma out. It was wonderful! Here our the pictures...

Meet our new Neighbors: Bruno. Spike.

Fluffy.Emma striking her model pose. Scott and Emmi. The view looking South towards our House from the Lighthouse. The St. Bees Lighthouse.

Looking down from the lighthouse. The Town you can barely make out is Whitehaven. The Whitehaven Sailboat races as seen from the Northern Cliffs. Looking North from the St. Bees Lighthouse. Looking down from the cliffs. The coast line looking South. The harbour at Whitehaven.Whitehaven.

Saturday, 27 September 2008


This last Tuesday Scott and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary... And we did it in ROME!!! It was a huge blessing in our lives and we are so thankful for the many blessings we have been given.
Scott and I flew in on Sunday morning. We stayed Saturday night in Liverpool and left for the airport at 2:00 a.m. On our way out of the hotel parking lot we were pulled over by the police because there was some kind of domestic disturbance in the hotel but they did not know from which room so they stopped us to question Scott. Now, for those of you know Scott, the notion is absolutely ridiculous which made it even funnier in the moment. They promptly figured out it was not us and let us go on our way. I have to admit, as excited I had been for our trip to Rome, I was finding it hard to be overly zealous at 2:00 a.m. But, that passed and into Rome we went.
The city was beautiful. We flew right over the Colosseum. I have to say though, the city is not as pictures represent it. There was graffiti everywhere. It was hard to find a building or structure that was not covered in spray paint. The only ones we found were the Historical land marks. But, at night, nothing compares.
We had exactly two and a half days to see the entire city, and we did it. In 2 1/2 days we saw: the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Vatican, the Square, St. Paul's Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, Trevi Fountain, the Holy Stairs, Constantine's Arch, II Vittoriano, the Roman Forum, the Spanish Steps, Piazza Del Popolo, the Catacombs, many other basilica's, and lots of restaurants and Gelato shops. I am sure there is more, but you get the idea. We had a blast. As a history fan, I have to say, I was amazed. It made me want to go home and pull out all of my old Western civilization books and learn everything there is to know about Roman History. Absolutely AMAZING!!! It was the experience of a lifetime and one that will be cherished and never forgotten.

Scott and I in front of the Trevi Fountain feeling every bit as exhausted as we look...The Trevi Fountain. The Trevi Fountain from the upper Street.The Trevi Fountain at night.

The II VittorianoOne of the many, many sculptures in and around the II VIttoriano. Scott in front of the II Vittoriano. The Colosseum as seen from the Stairs of the II Vittoriano. A different view from the II Vittoriano. One of the views from the upper stairs of the II Vittoriano. Another view from upper stairs of the II Vittoriano. The city of Rome from the roof of the II Vittoriano. St. Peters SquareThe Obelisk at St. Peters St. Peters Basilica from St. Peters Square.
The entrance of St. Peters Basilica from the square. The Holy Door that is only opened by the pope every 25 years (on Holy years). The bricked up entrance from the interior.
The Interior of St. Peters from the main entrance... Trust me, these pictures do it absolutely no justice!
Michelangelo's Pieta.
The Pantheon as seen from the Square.This is the interior of the Pantheon as seen from the entrance. The ceiling of the Pantheon. It is referred to as the "Eye" and is open to the elements. Santa Maria in Trastevere. Supposedly the oldest church in the city.

The Alter at Santa Maria.
The Holy Steps (They are said to be the same stairs Jesus walked before Pilate)
The entrance to the Catacombs.

Me in front of the Catacombs.

Us being ourselves: Cheesy.

The Colosseum. This picture is showing the underground elevators and rooms that were once below the floor of the Colosseum as well as the seating above and around.

Scott and I inside the Colosseum.
The views from one of the Colosseum decks.

The Arch of Constantine.

The view from the bottom of the Spanish Steps looking up.
Then looking down (kind of).
The following are pictures from the Vatican. There are only a few because you cannot use flash photography. But, I figured I would include them anyway...

And the Giuseppe Momo's Staircase.